Our Vision

Diversify and extend the utility of food, beverage and medicine beyond sustaining function, towards well-being and preservation of humanity


Our Vision 👀


We believe that human consumables—food, beverage and medicine—should serve a greater purpose beyond physiological and sustaining functions.

Project Nourished was founded on a premise that the potential of consumables has not been fully realized and there needs to be a greater emphasis on redefining what consumption is in the context of our food and healthcare systems.

Along with our global and local community involvements, our goal is to maximize therapeutic and utilitarian qualities of consumables while limiting environmental effects and the use of natural resources.


Problem & Opportunity ☢️

Since the early days of human civilization, of acquiring, storing and consuming nutrients have played a critical role in survival. However, as nutrients became abundant through automation and mass-scale production, the adoption has inadvertently led to the rise of the global syndemic of obesity, undernutrition and climate change.

Matter of fact, consumables are increasingly becoming a dispensable tool for enhancing and enriching our psychological wellbeing. Consumables allow us to connect with others, shape our identify, and even improve our emotional well-being. We believe that these roles will continue to evolve and extend over time as our priorities change.

Consequently, there is an incredible amount of potential to reshape the systems that manage our food supply, healthcare and wellness. By enhancing pleasurable qualities of food or partially simulating food experiences through digital means, we can dramatically reduce our reliance on physical resources and curb our production of greenhouse gases.


Our Mission 🎯

Project Nourished’s mission is to drive innovation in the methods of human consumption


We want to build and provide technological platforms that offer a variety of ways to consume consumables—by which we mean food, beverage and medicine that can be masticated, ingested, digested, absorbed or inhaled.

By fusing our platforms and expertise with global and local efforts, we want to have a net positive impact on people’s well-being in relation to consumption.

Objectives 🏀


  1. Maximize therapeutic and utilitarian qualities of consumables through digital simulation, augmentation and sensation.
  2. Limit environmental effects of consumables and curb our reliance on natural resources.
  3. Broaden the public’s perception and outlook on the future of consumables through education and leadership.
  4. Aid in customizing, implementing, and deploying a variety of applications based on our open platform.
  5. Inspire creators, students, educators, researchers and enthusiasts to foster innovative experiences, methods and tools for consumables.
Our Core Values 😀

“I’ll give anything to be able to eat what I want again.”

Whenever we are faced with a roadblock, we remind ourselves about a time when we received an unexpected phone call from an elderly woman with diabetes. She said, “I’ll give anything to be able to eat what I want again. I’ll try anything. It’s my last wish.” Touching moments like these have shaped our core values.

  • Make the effort to make others happy through thoughtfulness
  • Always be curious and never settle for the status quo
  • Strive for net positive through deep, critical thinking
  • Be empathetic and respectful of others’ point of view—whether it is different or unpopular
  • Uphold merit, grit and experience in place of status or privilege


Photo by Stephanie Gonot; Illustrations by Lisa Kogawa