We offer a variety of hands-on workshops intended to support and facilitate organizations with a desire to bring about diverse perspectives.

Pandemic Workshop 🦠


Purpose: Speculate, Counter and Mitigate

In this virtual interactive workshop, attendees will learn to combine behavioral economics, emergency management strategies and other emergent methods to mitigate risks, fears and shifts in the food system as it relates to post Covid-19 and beyond.

Sensory Workshop 👄


Purpose: Deconstruct, Reconnect and Model

A workshop designed to help attendees understand the systematic relationship between people, consumables, the environment and technology. The workshop also covers human interactions, senses and emotions in relation to food, beverage and medicine as well as our vast knowledge and experience gained through Project Nourished. This workshop can be hosted virtually or on-site.

Co-Creation Workshop 🙌


Purpose: Imagine, Experiment and Postulate

A visionary workshop that equips attendees with a number of open innovation methods designed to push human progress on consumable. It is primarily designed to promote additive methods for product innovation practices and strengthen a culture of experimentation.

Hosted Events 📢


  • Object Contextualization, Homeschool Curriculum, Riga, Latvia
  • Prototipo de gastronomía computacional, CENTRO College for Design, Media and Film, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Future of Food in Space, Lego League Robotics Team, North Hill Elementary, Rochester Hills, MI, USA
  • Eating Unbounded in New Reality, Impossible Foods, Redwood City, CA, USA
  • Prototyping the Future of Food, TEDxTartu, Tartu, Estonia
  • P/N Sensory Apparatus Briefing, Givaudan, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Possibilities of Wearable Design, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • UCLA Suprastudio with Frank Gehry, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Photos by Markus Spiske and Jo Szczepanska